Kastamonu is one of the Turkey's corner of paradise who wants to escape from the bustle of big cities that those who wish could feel the peace in the panoramic mountains and lush plains with emerald beaches, rich cultural heritage many alternatives offering is a resort .

Known to be an old residential area of Kastamonu region became the homeland of Gas in B.C.18 century, the Hittites, Phrygian , Cimmerians, Lydians, Persians, Pontus , under the rule of the Romans and the Byzantines are in the area. Paflagoni founded by the Romans is the center of the province named today pompei - police mound is located in the town of Taşköprü .Forming the historic core of the city of Kastamonu; Komenos, made by the Byzantine dynasty, with magnificent view of the castle to greet visitors for centuries .

Kastamonu Cumhuriyet Meydanı
Kastamonu ;with traditional Turkish houses and the near-term where there is a rare example of Ottoman architecture is among the cities . Urban sites were included in Kastamonu , Taşköprü, İnebolu , Küre and Abana show visitors the structures in the old quarters of nostalgia and admiration . The most reliable in terms of logistical support during the struggle for national Kastamonu region to Ankara from the port of İnebolu rations, ammunition and showed the usefulness of a large flow of people . Kastamonu is the third province in the liberation war, which killed most of Kastamonu (Araç County) ,was in the golden pages of history as the only district that has taken place in .

Kastamonu owned this rich historical and cultural heritage as well as a wealth of other wonderful is nature . At Ilgaz Mountain National Park is the perfect base for mountaineering . Rich forest cover , with various wild trout characteristics of those who have not forgotten with Ilgaz Mountain which was found 40 km north of Kastamonu , ski resort in the south during the winter months is in great demand .

Kastamonu vegetation and landscape are also very rich in springs . Rather, Araç , Bozkurt, and Çatalzeytin these plateaus in the townships outside the city during the summer holidays is the source of a major tourist destination for those who want to spend . Assets with a wilderness canyon in the town of Pinarbasi and Turkey 's deepest cave , which is the fourth Ilgarini , are waiting to be discovered by campers and adventurers .

Kastamonu is one of the best place which was unpolluted , non- concreted with 135 km . the coastal strip of sea, sand and sun seekers in the Black Sea sides of Turkey . This year, many natural beaches in the band , and they are followed by a dense forest cover . Cide with Ginola( in Çatalzeytin )the Giderus are the most beautiful bays of the Black Sea .

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